The Digital Future of Business Continuity Has Arrived!

Official Launch October 1, 2019


Industrial-age business continuity is quickly leaving us as did the phone booth, black-and-white TV and the VHS. Don’t get left behind.

Manual paper plans, spreadsheet silos with conflicting data, manual call-tree alerts, no-or-slow ways to detect an active shooter… are dangerous for your people and the ability for your organization to continue operations. Your people, organization and you deserve safer, smarter real-time solutions that are available now! Everyone’s life and job can depend on you making the right technology choices. Digital is often life-saving and critical to business survival.

We have uniquely been in your shoes building and implementing enterprise business continuity and crisis management programs. We clearly understand what works and what does not work (those nasty lessons-learned) because we have done it – hands-on.

Digital transformation and better business continuity is our passion. We are here to provide the personal service you deserve. We will learn your requirements and connect you with the best solutions for your needs. Our partner eco-system is wide-ranging. We will provide guidance on process and the best digital tools but we will never ‘sell-you’. 

We will do our best to inform you, save you time and money. Allow us to reduce your stress. Be a hero and as our founder says, ‘you will sleep like a baby‘.