The Future of Business Continuity Has Arrived!

Industrial-age business continuity is quickly leaving us, thank-heaven. Paper plans and silo’ed spreadsheets are no longer good enough. Your people, organization and you deserve safer and smarter solutions. Everyone’s life and job can depend on making the right technology choices.

My name is Marty Fox. I have two passions in the business world – business continuity and technology.

You must have the right digital tools to build a strong crisis management and business continuity program that scales. You must be able to communicate and account for people fast and reliably. Industrial age solutions no longer work. Digital is often life-saving and critical to business survival.

When it comes to planning and implementing digital tools one size does not fit all. Selecting the correct tools can transform your organization and allow you to ‘sleep like a baby knowing you have done right for your people and organization. Selecting the wrong tool can be a nightmare and extremely stressful.

Digital transformation and business continuity is our passion. We are here to give you the personal service you deserve. We will understand your requirements and connect you with the best solutions. We will provide guidance and answer all of your questions. We have uniquely been in your shoes directing enterprise business continuity programs and understand what works and what does not work (those nasty lessons-learned). Let’s chat and we will do our best to save you time and reduce stress. Our founder always says, we will make you sleep like a baby’.