Business Continuity Acronyms, Abbreviations and Terms

This information is from my new book, The Ultimate Business Continuity Success Guide: How to Build Real-World Resilience and Unleash Exciting New Value Streams. I hope you enjoy the chapter and my book.

Business Continuity Acronyms, Abbreviations and Terms

In the business continuity / resilience profession we use quite a few terms and acronyms.  Some can overlap and others can be down-right confusing. Too often we take things for granted, when we should not. Some terms are specific to a company.  Hopefully, as our industry continues to mature we will develop a clear and consistent standardization of terms. I realized the value of standards during my technology career.

Below are terms and acronyms I use in the book:

New Acronym – Business Resilience / Business Continuity (BRBC)  – As ‘The Ultimate Business Continuity Success Guide’ went to print our profession was in a phase in which business continuity was rapidly maturing and broadening to business resilience. As I mentioned before if you do not like the term Business Resilience just do not use it.

  • I use the new acronym BRBC when I refer to the encompassing of the business resilience / business continuity profession.  I have referred to myself as a BRBC Professional the past few years. I realize BRBC is a new acronym, which I believe I invented and it may take a few chapters to get used to it. However, in the long run the 4 letter acronym will save you reading time and I believe it conveys the overall value of the profession
  • I use business continuity (BC) when we discuss traditionally core phases such as ‘prepare, respond and recover’ and the associated deliverable’s
  • I use business resilience (BR) when we discuss concepts and opportunities such as ‘bending but not breaking’, ‘becoming stronger after facing adversity’ and the next phase of adding ‘beyond BC’ value streams

Company Specific Terms

  • Process = Department. I have been the cause of confusion when using the term ‘process’ in companies that typically use ‘department’
  • Process owner = Department manager
  • Incident Commander = Site Leader
  • Emergency Operations Center = Command Center
  • Rally Point = Muster Point = Assembly Point = Evacuation Assembly Area

General acronyms

I tried not to use too many acronyms in the book. You are probably familiar with most of the abbreviations that follow but to eliminate any confusion later on, here is a list of business resilience / business continuity / emergency management related abbreviations.

Tip – Before you use these on unsuspecting management or employees please read the chapter coming up soon, ‘How and Why You Need a Powerful Continuity Elevator Pitch Today‘. It might be important

Tip – When speaking with people outside of the business continuity profession never use more than one of these acronyms in any sentence. Keep it simple and convey the value you bring to them. Be outward, not inward.

BCP – Business Continuity Plan
BIA – Business Impact Analysis
CBCP – Certified Business Continuity Professional
CMP – Crisis Management Plan
CMT – Crisis Management Team
DRP – Disaster Recovery Plan
EAP – Emergency Action Plan
EMP – Emergency Management Plan
EOC – Emergency Operations Center
ERP – Emergency Response Plan
ERT – Emergency Response Team
ICS – Incident Command Systems
IMP – Incident Management Plan
MAD – Maximum Acceptable Downtime
PITA – Pain In The Ass
RA – Risk Analysis or Risk Assessment
RPC – Recovery Point Capability
RPO – Recovery Point Objective
RTC – Recovery Time Capability
RTO – Recover Time Objective
SETAPL – Squirrel Eating Through A Power Line
SLA – Service Level Agreement
SPOF – Single Point Of Failure
UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply
WAR – Work Area Recovery
WTF – What The F*!k