Cyber Security Breach CEO Retired, Fired, Gone

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Cyber Security Breach CEO Retired, Fired, Gone

I compiled this ready to use list in case your management is not paying attention or does not understand the criticality when you alert them to cyber threats, vulnerabilities and infrastructure risks. You can cherry pick some examples from this list that just might get their attention.

Unfortunately, this list expands at an alarming rate, often on a weekly basis. When a cyber security breach occurs it is often the ‘C’ (Chief executive) that is held accountable, and loses his/her job. The well-coiffed public story may that he or she resigned to spend more time with family or he or she retired… In reality it is most likely they were either fired or pressured to resign. The impact is, the person who was in the seat before the cyber issue is no longer employed by the organization.

Cyber security breaches, malware and hacking are big issues to C levels. When I interview C levels one of my questions is, as you have heard me say over and over, ‘what keeps you up at night?’ The past few years it has ALWAYS been data breaches, ransomware, viruses and critical systems not being available. Many realize that just one cyber-attack that paralyzes the organization and they may be ‘retired’!

Here are an unlucky 13 breaches. I am sure, with minimal research, you can add many more:

Equifax (R) – CEO – ‘Retired’

Sony Pictures (R) – Co-Chair – OUT

Sony Playstation (R) – CEO – Resigned – OUT

Target (R) -CEO – Resigned – OUT

Target (R) –  CIO – Resigned – OUT

Ashley Madison (R) – CEO – OUT

Experian (R) – CEO Resigned – OUT

Anthem (R) – investors said time to remove the CEO


Utah State Department of Technology Services – Head of Technology Services – Fired

Austrian aerospace parts manufacturer FACC (R) – CEO – Fired

U.S Office of Personnel Management (OPM) – CIO – Resigned

Maricopa County Community College – CIO – Fired

Bangladesh Central Bank – Bank Chief – Resigned

In the following chapters we will discuss strategies to help secure your systems.