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I have been in your shoes. I know every inch of the way. I have the successes, lessons learned and ‘bruises’ to prove it. I have built world-class resilience programs for some of the largest companies in the world as well as advised mid-tier and smaller companies. I happily poured one-and-a-half years into creating this book. It is the book I would have wanted along the way to save me time and energy. Everything I discuss in the book I have done or I would not suggest it.

The tone of the book is not a lecture. It is the two of us sitting in your office or the corner pub discussing ‘shop’. Our focus is on how you can build a successful world class innovative resilience program with the least amount of B.S. along the way.

The Business Continuity / Resilience profession has a great future! Like any young profession it must grow and mature, which it is doing. We have only scratched the surface of the extraordinary and sometimes surprising value we can provide organizations. I believe this book will help us develop a mindset that will take us to the next level and beyond.

I look forward to the time we will be spending together as we journey through the upcoming pages.

Rivers of information that flow through the book:

  1. Real world ways you can implement the fundamental building blocks – Program Initiation, Business Impact Analysis, Risk Reduction and Risk Assessment, Recovery Strategies, Plan Development, Plan Maintenance and Assessment, Testing and Awareness. Rather than just listing what you should do we discuss how you can do it most effectively! You must put these in place to have a great foundation for your program. We will also discuss the speed-bumps that could slow you down or derail you. We will talk about it at the street level, the way it gets done in the real world.
  2. How you can leverage technology to its fullest (I do mean fullest and beyond) to build a world-class resilience program for your organization. Where ‘business meets technology’ is my special place in the world. In fact, after reading this book, you may just ‘out IT the IT guys’ understanding and implementing great resilience technology.
  3. How you can identify unique opportunities to provide exciting new value to your organization instead of possibly being thought of as an expense center. Management’s mouths will water when they get a taste of what you can do! I scored a few bonuses completing projects described in this book. I hope you enjoy them. I will provide ideas and help you think broadly about the opportunities in front of you.

Powerful tips, techniques, tools and technologies:

Parts I – XI:  I share 1001+ resilience / BC related tips, techniques, tools, technologies (4T’s) and ideas.  Everything is presented in a series of bite size chapters with a few longer ones where required (cyber threats that can destroy your organization and suggestions to prevent/mitigate them are a couple of longer ones that comes to mind). Most of the material I share is not taught in ‘business continuity school’ or elsewhere:

  • Tips, techniques, tools and technologies that can help you build and improve each phase of your program. Most of the information we discuss is not the usual material. Many ideas are unique and innovative, especially the ideas that use technology – creating the mini BC plan, automated real-time program metrics, mashing-up value laden exercises, implementing virtual meeting rooms, converting BC plans into highly readable eBooks and a lot more. The book includes strategies that have worked really well for me and I am eager to share them with you
  • Technology tool suggestions that can save you time and reduce pain. My passion and specialty is building BC programs powered by world-class technology and I share my thoughts on leveraging technology whenever possible. I am the BC guy that keeps vendors and internal IT ‘honest’. I have been known to hijack BC tech calls with system vendors to ‘call them out’. We are all understaffed, right? So let’s leverage tools and technology as much as possible – it will help get us to ‘world-class’
  • Tech skills corner – I will help you become the most tech savvy BC pro at your company. Much more on that later
  • Cyber security guidance to help prevent and mitigate ransomware, malware, viruses, worms, data-theft…the nightmare scenarios that can make front page news, for all the wrong reasons
  • Techniques to get people excited about upcoming exercises – seriously – excited! Imagine, for a moment, people standing by the water cooler gossiping how they can’t wait for the next tabletop or off-site recovery exercise! I know you are smiling right now!
  • Golden opportunities to prove your value beyond core business continuity
  • Career corner – The book includes my ideas on what makes a great BC professional as well as transitioning into BC/CM/DR from IT. I have been a Business Resilience Director for enterprise companies and I was formerly a Senior Technology Officer for a top 10 financial institution. I guess I did something right along the way and it was not playing politics
  • Stories, anecdotes and lessons learned. The book includes believe-it-or-not BC experiences. Some are serious and some hysterically funny

Part XII

Special Bonus 1: The Online Roadmap:

As I was creating the book I knew deep down in my heart that Parts I-XI (above) would really be helpful to people. I had shared bits and pieces of the content with early reviewers and I received a lot of ‘thank you Mroadmap1arty comments’.  At some point during the course of writing and curating the material for the book something started brewing in the back of my mind – which is sort of the norm for me. So, I said to myself, “Self, you are only going to create this book once so let’s go all out and ‘take it to the next level’”. That is how the Bonus Online Roadmap idea was hatched.

I feel the Online Roadmap has value on many levels. I hope you will feel the same way. It is the icing on the cake. I see it as sort of the Resilience Yellow Brick Road to success. A step-by-step roadmap  that will guide you toward the reward of resilience. As usual, I include some out-of-the-box ideas – it’s what I love to do.

The Roadmap begins on day 1 arriving at the office and moves through a series of steps and ideas that have been very successful for me. I suggest you use the roadmap as a guide as you move through the classical phases when building your program. Many of the steps in the roadmap link to chapters in this book.

My hope is that the Online Roadmap becomes a collaborative effort.  I will continue to add to it plus I want to open it up to you to help nurture and grow it. If you have ideas, tips, innovations and techniques that have helped you build your program, I would love to hear about them. Simply email them to me and maybe we can include your ideas in the Online Roadmap.

Special Bonus 2:  Free Subscription to the Ultimate Business Continuity Tips, Techniques and Tools Newsletter:

Happily, when you complete the book, it is only the beginning. I would like to continue building our relationship by offering you a free subscription to the Ultimate Business Continuity Tips, Techniques and Tools Newsletter. Every issue is packed with my latest resilience tips, techniques, tools and technologies to help you improve your program.