Be Ready for the Upcoming 2:00 a.m. Business Continuity Crisis Call!

Be Ready for the Upcoming 2:00 a.m. Business Continuity Crisis Call!

Hurray! It is that time again – BC Story Time!

 It is 2:00 a.m. and you are about to dunk over LeBron James (wait that’s my dream) or whatever else you dream about.

Ring – Ring – Ring… you wearily open your peepers and EEKS you realize from the caller ID it is Big Shot Vice President (BSVP). Hmmm, the time is 2:07 am so chances are this is not a pleasure call. More likely, ‘It is now, show time!’

You immediately hear the trembling in BSVP’s voice because his/her job is very much on the line, as is yours. You can just anticipate BSVP’s next quivering words;

BSVP: ‘hey <<your name goes here>> I just got a call from facilities that a water pipe burst in headquarters! To make matters worse it burst directly over the fu&%!”ing call center and trading room. Water everywhere! It’s bad, real bad. I just texted you a picture that facilities sent me.’

BSVP continues: ‘Without our call center and trading room up-and-running at 9 am we are up s*?t’s creek. What the heck (although likely a more colorful adjective) is the plan?’

If you are like me, you will not be worried. It is your time to shine. We live for this. It is the moment of truth for you. In an instant, you will either reply with a piss-poor response such as:

You: ‘Uh oh!  We did not plan for a flood. Whaddaya think we should do?’

Well, if that is your response; pull the phone away from your ear as quickly as possible. Please just do it. It is going to get real loud – real fast. You officially have one foot out the door. You will hear a stream of rather negative words and soon you will be known as the ‘former business continuity director/analyst/consultant’ at your former company.

On the other hand, if your response is similar to mine:

You: ‘BSVP, no problem!  We have documented and well tested emergency response, communications and business continuity plans in place that will allow us to account for our employees and recover our critical business processes in the recovery time-frame we agreed on during our planning discussions. So, customer service and trading will be up-and-running by the opening bell. We will make it happen. You have no worries.’

Nice! If that was your response congratulations – you are gold! The next sounds you hear over the phone will be a long sigh of relief from BSVP followed by sobs of joy and an invite to lunch after all this is over.

I have lived these types of situations (in fact, one almost identical to the one I just described) and each time it worked out well for me and my employer. Yes, you will encounter a lot of stress, especially the first few times you go through the early morning wakeup call process, but if you have done your job, are confident and stay ‘in-the-moment’ everything will work out well.

Much more coming up on ways to be ultra ready at all times!