COVID-19 is the horrific critical event of our lifetimes. I have effectively used many of the tools and resources in
Robust active shooter detection can be the difference between life and death. If you have not started planning yet, you
A robust mass notification system will benefit you in many ways. While the wrong mass notification can be more harmful
The products, tips and techniques on this page are related to the many transformational benefits of using a robust business
Recommended Tools Techniques
The right unified communications tool will empower you to spin up a back-up call center in hours - not days,
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Top Tools Tips & Techniques Crisis Management part of the website focuses on suggestions, tips and techniques that can help
The Testing Section of Ultimate Business Continuity drives home the importance of exercising all components of your resilience program. An untested plan is a
The secret sauce for a world-class program where technology and business continuity/resilience intersect and produce superior value to organizations. In
A key success factor for your program is creating awareness at all levels.
Be inspired to do great things.
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Throughout the site we discuss many excellent tools that can empower you to build a world-class technology-driven program. This section
Your are only as good as your data so lets improve it.
Each month we have a new contest. Winners will receive business continuity & critical event management related prized and gift
Great survey tools will help you create a rich feedback loop and can elevate any business continuity, critical event management,
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the value Security, Safety, Business Continuity and Critical Event Management can provide. We can react