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Fusion is an Ultimate Business Continuity BCM Recommended Solution. Having worked with Fusion and developed expertise we have realized tremendous value. Fusion is build on the Salesforce platform and Fusion enables you to customize with no limits. To schedule a short insiders demo and have all of your questions answeredRead More


AI Prevents Active Shooter Massacres BEFORE the First Shot Is Fired

We Must Act Now to Save Our Children! America’s schools are under attack and our children are dying needlessly. All of our lives are impacted when a soft-target is attacked whether it is by an irate demented former student, embittered employee or a terrorist organization. We are all in theRead More

Database or Spreadsheet? Your Critical Decision

Perhaps you are wondering why I have written a post on ‘Database or Spreadsheet?’ for a site focused on Business Resilience / Business Continuity (BRBC). There are many critical reasons, which I will discuss in this post. Tools I mention in this post include BCM (recommendations) and Spreadsheets I haveRead More

How to Select Your Business Continuity Management (BCM) System

I strongly believe a great Business Continuity Management (BCM) system is a critical pillar of any mid to enterprise size world class business resilience program. In many ways it is the centerpiece of your technology stack. With a great BCM system you may be able to put much of your program on auto-pilot as IRead More

Testing Overview, Scope and Experiences

All Plans, Critical Systems, Recovery Strategies, Cyber and Call Trees / Mass Notification Call Lists must be tested and reviewed on a schedule that aligns to your policies and requirements. Testing must validate your plans and systems and improve the resilience of your organization. In sports, smart athletes ‘practice withRead More

How to Make Long-Lasting eReader Ready Plans

I always keep my antennas up for new ways I can improve business resilience / continuity.  Sometimes I come up with ideas that utilize manual improvements but more often than not, my ideas involve technological solutions. The idea we will discuss in this post came to me in a really round-about way. HereRead More

How to Create Tiny Plans

I often asked myself, ‘Why do all business process plans have to be 8 1/2″ x 11″‘?’ I could not come up with a good answer so I began experimenting. In this post we look at another approach, ‘How tiny can be beautiful!’ There is definitely a place for large, detailed, wide-scope,Read More

Why Digital AND Paper Plans Are Both Critical

Although I love technology I am going a bit old-school with this one so we leave nothing to chance. Create awareness among process owners that they should always have access to a paper ‘hard’ copy of their plan.  Also, tech it out by making plans available to them in a secure locationRead More

Do You Have a Business Continuity Plan for Your BC Department?

Did you remember to build a plan for your Business Continuity/Resilience Department? Did you include the Business Continuity/Resilience Department in your BIA? Did you include the Business Continuity Department in the Executive Report you created? Do you have a documented plan for the Business Continuity/Resilience Department at the enterprise and local levels?Read More

Create Wider Scope ‘Roll-Up Plans’ – Info at Your Fingertips
Digitizing the ‘Department’ Business Continuity Plan

The department (process) level business continuity plan is the ‘cookbook’ to recovering a department and sub-departments (sub-processes). There is no one ‘right way’ to document a plan. If you do some research you will find well over 100 styles of business continuity plans. Decide on a style that meets the needsRead More

Emergency Guidebooks (desk guides, flip books). Good Things Come in Small Packages

I suggest you consider making your guidebook simple, mobile, attractive and compact so people can easily carry it and have it on hand always. If it is too large and cumbersome it defeats the purpose, people will not use it…

Shelter In Place – Dangerous Issues to Consider

During certain events, external to your location such as chlorine gas in the air, a chemical spill or a fast approaching tornado it often makes sense to shelter in place (internally). Develop a plan so that your organization can provide for your employees for 72 or more hours sheltering in place.Read More

Ideas for Your Disaster Supplies Kit – Basic, Beyond and Way Beyond

Employees should keep a kit at home and you may want to consider purchasing kits and go-bags to be kept at work. Leverage FEMA and the Red Cross for additional ideas. This is a starter list, not a definitive list of items. You must add, delete and modify to fit yourRead More

Mapping Threats to Assets to Determine Risk

Welcome to our world! Every day I get hundreds of threat alerts from situational awareness sources I monitor. They include earthquakes, floods, shootings, fires, power outages, protests… Some sort of threat event occurs every few seconds somewhere in the world. I analyze the threat data for trends and possible impacts toRead More

Recipe for a Successful Risk Assessment

The goal of a risk assessment (RA) is to calculate risk as it relates to threats, probabilities, impacts and vulnerabilities. If you think creatively, the risk assessment can also tip you off to business opportunities and revenue generators! This post provides one framework for developing a risk assessment. There are manyRead More

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The Critical Solutions Newsletter is free. It is written in a conversational style. It is fun and informative. You do not have to be a tech wizard to benefit from the cutting-edge info. In each edition you will receive: late-breaking information on new digital tools and technologies. integrations ideas andRead More

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