Great survey tools will help you create a rich feedback loop and can elevate any business continuity, critical event management, safety, security or operational risk program. You will understand what your user population, likes, dislikes wants, needs and their level of awareness.

Great survey tools include a variety of question types, email capabilities, back-end programming/scripting for extreme customization, visual themes, integrations with other systems through data-connectors, API’s, Webhooks and customizable dashboards

Great survey tools can provide incredible value. In one case I helped design a process and COVID automated employee self declaration survey that automates a very manual process and instantly provided alerts and metrics.

Below are examples of my favorite survey tools:


Recommended Solution I have created many solutions with SurveyMonkey from tabletop feedback to critical event status. It is a comprehensive solution. To download my top 5 reasons to consider SurveyMonkey <<click here>> To visit the SurveyMonkey site click here

Alchemer – SurveyGizmo

Recommended Solution I have had great success with Alchemer (formerly Survey Gizmo). To instantly download my Top 5 Reasons to consider Alchemer and readons not to consider Alchemy <<click here>> To visit Alchemer <<click here >>

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