A robust mass notification system will benefit you in many ways. While the wrong mass notification can be more harmful than having no system. A bad system can even be life threatening. I have experience many mass notification systems and have some excellent stories, both good and bad to share with you.

The posts below will describe use cases, benefits and how to choose a great mass notification platform. The right platforms provide mass notification, situational alerts and critical event management tools.


Everbridge Mass Communication is an Ultimate Business Continuity recommended solution. I have had great success implementing and using the Everbridge Platform during numerous critical events. I have experience with Everbridge Mass Notification, Visual Command Center (VCC), Crisis Manager, Contact Tracing and their robust REST API’s. If are considering Everbridge asRead More

Digital Communications are Changing Our World

Communication is core to humanity and your business and career success. New digital communication tools and technologies are shrinking our world by providing better, faster and cheaper ways for people and businesses to connect under any circumstance. Digital also makes one to one, one to many and many to manyRead More

25 Tips for Mass Notification Success

In this post I list some of my favorite mass notification system tips, tricks and techniques. Many of these have served me well. Some I learned the hard way and I have the bruises to prove it!

Crisis Communication Channels – Basic, Beyond and Way Beyond

A handy-dandy list of my favorite communication channels. You might want to consider using some or all of these to reach people. Some are basic and others may be considered innovative such as a favorite of mine – PTT (push to talk). The more methods you have to reach peopleRead More

Prepare Time Sensitive Notification Procedures Today!

I wanted to break-out this brief discussion so you can get a head start on this important issue. I have seen this go wrong and I do not want it to happen to you. I have documented many additional mass notification best practices in the post, ‘Marty’s Favorite Mass Notification System Tips,Read More


Avalution is a long time Business Continuity Management tool. Their leadership has background as business continuity practitioners. From their website: AUTOMATE YOUR BUSINESS CONTINUITY PROGRAM Your time and effort should be focused on closing program gaps, addressing program shifts based on organizational change, and working with other risk disciplines toRead More


A mass notification tool I have used in the past. When I used it it was still under development. It was not on par with leaders such as Everbridge and OnSolve. Tech support was good and they had a roadmap of improvements. A mass notification tool I have used inRead More


OnSolve has many excellent features. Depending on the use case it is a recommended solution. OnSolve acquired SendWordNow and MIR3. The product in 2020 implements the best features of each. OnSolve has an excellent leadership team of innovative technologists. To schedule a short call to discuss my real-world experience pleaseRead More