The secret sauce for a world-class program where technology and business continuity/resilience intersect and produce superior value to organizations.

  • In this section of Ultimate Business Continuity we will dig a little deeper and get more comfortable with technology solutions. I will share the tools and technologies that have enabled me to build powerful value-laden automated technology driven programs.

We will discuss:

  • The 3 Pillars of Resilience technology. The key components of a world-class resilience program
  • Automating threat identification and crisis communications
  • Data quality issues and solutions. Low-hanging fruit that can score big wins for you and your organization
  • When to use a spreadsheet or database and why you should use one versus the other
  • Questions to ask technology salespeople that are trying to sell you the latest and greatest system – how to ‘keep them honest’
  • The importance of piloting systems BEFORE making buying decisions – skip this post at your own risk
  • Ideas on using cutting edge and over-the-horizon technology to go where no resilience program has gone before. This post includes some of my favorite new tools, toys and ideas that may benefit your organization now or in the future.

Disclaimer: Although I am a passionate technologist, I also value the beauty of simplicity and sometimes that means ‘going old school’.  In other posts on Ultimate Business Continuity we discuss the benefits of simple paper checklists, tiny printed BC plans and land-line phones powered from a central office.  Each offers value.