Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the value Security, Safety, Business Continuity and Critical Event Management can provide. We can react faster and be proactive to critical events.

For example tools such as Scylla and Defendry can alert you before a potential active shooter takes a shot. Stabilitas can warn you of impending crime and weather events mapped to your assets.

I have integrated many of these intelligent situational alerting systems with mass notification and physical beacons and desktop alerts. Remember, in many types of events such as an active shooter or a tornado seconds can mean the difference between life and death.

AI Prevents Active Shooter Massacres BEFORE the First Shot Is Fired

We Must Act Now to Save Our Children! America’s schools are under attack and our children are dying needlessly. All of our lives are impacted when a soft-target is attacked whether it is by an irate demented former student, embittered employee or a terrorist organization. We are all in theRead More

Saving lives by peering into the future! Imagine being able to accurately predict an active Shooter incident BEFORE the first shot is fired. No, this is not a scene from the Minority Report movie, this is real, it is here not and it will save lives! Watch this short videoRead More


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