Throughout the site we discuss many excellent tools that can empower you to build a world-class technology-driven program. This section provides information on ‘what’s coming next’. Many predictions I made 4 years ago in books, webinars and white-papers have come to fruition. My entire career has been based on making educated technology driven predictions. I will discuss those and what’s next.

Equally important is understanding and benefiting from the digital mindset that create digital disrupting companies.

Our Business Continuity, Critical Event Management, Security, Safety, Risk… are perfectly positioned to benefit from emerging technologies.

Smart Better Faster Supply Chain

Digital Trnsformation of the Supply Chain Businesses have many opportunities to automate and digitally enhance their supply chain processes using emerging technologies. Already we have seen costs reduced and revenues increased through automation in warehouses, factories and deliveries. Much of the supply chain can and will be automated by peopleRead More

Smart Opportunities to Help People with Disabilities!

I write about digital often. This post is one of my favorites. Although it is not strictly about business continuity and critical event management I felt compelled to include it on Ultimate Business Continuity as it might help one person that reads it in a life-changing way. I have receiveRead More

Quantum Computing Hardware Leaps Forward

“It’s a game changer for the corporation, it’s a game changer for our customers, and ultimately it’s a game changer for humanity.” Greg Tallant, Research Engineering Manager, Lockheed Martin “We actually think quantum machine learning may provide the most creative problem solving process under the known laws of physics.” HartmutRead More

3D Printing The Power to Create Anything!

This post will make you familiar with 3D Printing. Although 3D Printing can have critical benefits for business continuity of operation (think printing parts immediately during a critical event) it goes beyond the scope of business continuity. Ideas, techniques and companies transforming the industry are discussed. If you have interestRead More

Digital Transformation in Industrial-Age Companies

I am sure after reading my posts on digital mindset, the power of emerging technologies and how they are changing our world that you want to apply the concepts, tools and technologies as soon as possible to improving your business continuity, critical event management and risk programs . But itRead More

Digital Communications are Changing Our World

Communication is core to humanity and your business and career success. New digital communication tools and technologies are shrinking our world by providing better, faster and cheaper ways for people and businesses to connect under any circumstance. Digital also makes one to one, one to many and many to manyRead More

Drones, Robots and AI Take Security, Safety & Business Continuity to New Heights

Breakthrough Solutions Will Save Lives and Keep Businesses Afloat Man-made and natural threats are rapidly increasing. People are in danger. Fortunately, new technology solutions are available to help prevent or mitigate many potential disasters. Drones, robots and artificial intelligence software will take safety, security and business continuity to new heights.Read More

Artificial Intelligence(AI) – Why I am So Excited!

The Future of AI for Crisis Management Here and It is Bright! “There is no reason and no way that a human mind can keep up with an artificially intelligent machine by 2035.” Gray Scott, Futurist, Techno-Philosopher “Some people call this artificial intelligence, but the reality is this technology willRead More

API’s and Simple Connectors – ‘The Sum is Greater than the Parts’

In our profession API’s are extremely valuable and becoming more essential every days as our systems mature. This high-level post describes a few of the many exciting benefits. I call API’s (application programming interfaces) ‘the secret sauce’. API’s are the software connectors that allow us to mesh  physical devices, systemsRead More

Digital Listening Tools are Key

Every BC, CM, Risk, Safety and Security Needs Relevant Situational Alerts… There is too much new and changing information to  monitor it manually. You must put yourself in position to  discover the ‘needles in a haystack’ before the competition.   Listening tools can make the difference between being  disrupted or beingRead More

Digital Mindset: Have Fun and Build a Better and Faster Program the Digital Way

When you embrace digital technology and think digitally all kinds of good things can happen. This story began with a fun home automation project and provided an interesting benefit in my day job. While developing and info on digital transformation, I was eager to begin building a smart homeRead More

‘Fail’ Your Way to Success with Experimentation and ‘Smart Failure’

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”Thomas Edison “Failure is never truly failure unless you get depressed, crawl under the covers and give up”Marty Fox When building a world-class digital business continuity & critical event management program experimentation and smart failure by your BC team,Read More

Beware: The 7 Habits for Digital Failure

If you already read my special report 22 Habits for Digital Continuity Success ??? MARTY I hope you were inspired. In this post I describe The 7 habits for business and career failure. I hope understanding how toxic they can be enables you to avoid their pain while building yourRead More

22 Habits for Digital Continuity Success

I have applied all of these digital success habits to building a World-Class Digital Business Continuity & Critical Event Management Program in large and mid-size enterprises. Technology is the great enabler. Unfortunately, many peoplethat understand technology from a nuts-and-boltsperspective do not have winning digital habits. Some aresitting on goldmines ofRead More

Digital Convergence Building Blocks

In this post I will discuss and demystify the exponential technology building blocks that are cornerstone to our new digital: Computer processing power:The brain of a computer is the microprocessor chip. As it improves, software leverages the additional power and more complex solutions can be developed. As of this writingRead More

The Laws of Exponential Digital Technology Growth in a Nutshell and How They Help You

I originally published this article in my book Digital Transformation Success Secrets. It will give you a flavor of how we became a digital world and where we are going. It is a foundational explanation of digital technologies – not business continuity/critical event management specific. Marty The digital world isRead More

Let’s Get Visionary – What’s Here Now and Coming Next!

Technology has been key to many of my career successes. Researching, testing and sharing technology gems is what I would do even if I did not get paid for it. It is my passion and it is my hobby. Leveraging technology solutions can provide resilience and hyper return on investment. ToolsRead More