Throughout the site we discuss many excellent tools that can empower you to build a world-class technology-driven program. This section provides information on ‘what’s coming next’. Many predictions I made 4 years ago in books, webinars and white-papers have come to fruition. My entire career has been based on making educated technology driven predictions. I will discuss those and what’s next.

Equally important is understanding and benefiting from the digital mindset that create digital disrupting companies.

Our Business Continuity, Critical Event Management, Security, Safety, Risk… are perfectly positioned to benefit from emerging technologies.

Digital Convergence Building Blocks

In this post I will discuss and demystify the exponentialtechnology building blocks that are cornerstone to ournew digital: Computer processing power:The brain of a computer is the microprocessor chip. As itimproves, software leverages the additional power and morecomplex solutions can be developed. As of this writing thefastest supercomputer can processRead More

The Laws of Exponential Digital Technology Growth in a Nutshell

I originally published this article in my book Digital Transformation Success Secrets. It will give you a flavor of how we became a digital world and where we are going. It is a foundational explanation of digital technologies – not business continuity/critical event management specific. Marty The digital world isRead More

Let’s Get Visionary – What’s Here Now and Coming Next!

Technology has been key to many of my career successes. Researching, testing and sharing technology gems is what I would do even if I did not get paid for it. It is my passion and it is my hobby. Leveraging technology solutions can provide resilience and hyper return on investment. ToolsRead More