The products, tips and techniques on this page are related to the many transformational benefits of using a robust business continuity management solution.

Perhaps you are wondering why I have written a post on ‘Database or Spreadsheet?’ for a site focused on Business
I strongly believe a great Business Continuity Management (BCM) system is a critical pillar of any mid to enterprise size world
All Plans, Critical Systems, Recovery Strategies, Cyber and Call Trees / Mass Notification Call Lists must be tested and reviewed
I always keep my antennas up for new ways I can improve business resilience / continuity.  Sometimes I come up with ideas
I often asked myself, ‘Why do all business process plans have to be 8 1/2″ x 11″‘?’ I could not come
Although I love technology I am going a bit old-school with this one so we leave nothing to chance. Create
Did you remember to build a plan for your Business Continuity/Resilience Department? Did you include the Business Continuity/Resilience Department in
The department (process) level business continuity plan is the ‘cookbook’ to recovering a department and sub-departments (sub-processes). There is no one
I suggest you consider making your guidebook simple, mobile, attractive and compact so people can easily carry it and have
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