Saving lives by peering into the future!

Imagine being able to accurately predict an active Shooter incident BEFORE the first shot is fired.

No, this is not a scene from the Minority Report movie, this is real, it is here not and it will save lives!

Watch this short video and view a demo. You will see why I am so enthusiastic about the new life-saving value of the product and the technology behind it.

I wrote the following article on Medium. It generated a lot of positive feedback. I hope you enjoy it.

Breakthru Gun Detection Solution Will Save Lives

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VA Tech Shooting. We can stop this and we will.

People are our most valuable asset. Unfortunately, until now we have been forced to rely on inefficient ‘after-the-shot’ solutions’ to detect and respond to life-threatening critical threats such as active-shooter and terrorism.

Most active shooter events are over in less than five minutes. Once the first shot is fired there will likely be mass casualties. In this post I will describe a breakthrough solution that can detect and respond to critical threats BEFORE they occur. It will save lives!

I am a crisis management professional and critical technology digital innovation expert tasked with advising hundreds of large and small organizations on understanding threats in real-time and preventing or mitigating them as quickly as possible. Mine is a no miss profession. If I get it right 99 times out of 100 I have failed.

Every organization has responsibilities to do everything they can to protect their students, employees and customers. Organizational leadership can be libel in cases where proper mitigation and response safeguards have not been implemented. In my experience the dangerous widespread thought process that, ‘it will never happen to us’, is a precursor to disaster. This misguided ‘do nothing plan’ can destroy lives and bankrupt businesses.

We can no longer rely on what sometimes worked in the industrial age. If we do innocent people will suffer the consequences and businesses will fail. It is time for us to implement better, faster and cheaper real-time proactive solutions that can save lives and allow businesses to continue to function.

In my experience, innovative technology that works well is a critically important ingredient to creating world-class real-time threat response programs. Throughout my career I have identified and implemented many technology solutions that have protected thousands of people and transformed global organizations.

BEFORE the First Shot is Fired Solution

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I recently discovered, which is a real-time threat solution that proactively detects and responds to active-shooter, terrorism and violent protest type events BEFORE the first shot is fired. This can be the difference between life-and-death. Watch this short video to see how it works.

The system utilizes state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to identify threats and machine learning to continually improve its ability to identify new threats. Uniquely, they use real-time behavioral analytics to also predict fights and other aggressive behaviors — before they escalate!

When Scylla detects a threat it sends an alert to people you identify. Scylla can also be integrated with mass notification tools to alert large groups of people using two-way SMS, email, phone and push notifications. They also can trigger desktop alerts, wall beacons and alarms instantaneously.

It works with many in-house security camera systems and drones. If you already own a camera system Scylla may be able to integrate and add intelligence without purchasing hardware.

In my experience most camera systems are underutilized and do not monitor for real-time threats. Imagine having Scylla monitor all of your cameras 24×7 for threats, sending out alerts in real-time… and never taking a coffee break.

They are working on robot integrations which will further enhance their ability to monitor large areas, warehouses, factories and all sorts of office environments.

Scylla has an impressive and varied clientele including hospitals, major school districts, global corporations, and Major League Baseball.

For more information on implementing critical solutions contact me and I will be happy to share my personal experiences.

Marty Fox is a critical solutions expert advisor, digital technology thought leader and is the Director Critical Technology Solutions for an $18 billion company. He publishes the Critical Solutions Advisor newsletter.

Marty has successfully helped hundreds of organizations prevent, mitigate, and respond in real-time to critical threats using tools and technologies for improved safety, security, compliance, risk and continuity of operations.

Marty Fox is a crisis management and business continuity expert and industry thought leader. He has helped 100’s of organizations prevent & mitigate threats.