If you have an Active Shooter response program in place, that is great. If you have robust controls in place I applaud you for considering your employees!

New digital tools are especially useful with active shooter identification and response. For example, I use a active shooter system with sensors that accurately detect a gunshot. It can alert me, security, safety and people in harms way instantly (if configured properly) to the specific location of a shooter. For my special report on my favorite active shooter detection systems and ways to integrate with mass notification systems and IoT alarms and digital wall screens please email me – marty@ultimatebusinesscontinuity.com.

In addition, your employees must know best practices when confronted with an active shooter scenario. Provide them with that guidance.

Professional in-person training seminars and classes can be potentially life-saving. One of the active shooter response classes I took was at my local library given by a top professional. It was well worth the time!!!

A valuable booklet is the Homeland Security Active Shooter – How to Respond booklet. https://www.dhs.gov/xlibrary/assets/active_shooter_booklet.pdf

Your employees will appreciate your concern for their safety and security!