My interviews with C level executives convey again and again that being the victim of a cyber-attack is their worst nightmare. Imagine walking into the office one morning, turning on your laptop and up pops a ransomware demand to access your files. If you do not meet the demand in a few hours they threaten to delete all of your files. That is a nightmare scenario.

You must know your network!

I highly recommend that your Information Technology (IT) department implement an automated network inventory and patching process. A process is needed to scan all servers and clients so you know in real-time every piece of software on the network including versions and patches. When updated patches are required the system must be at least partially automated for a mid or enterprise organization. Information Technology must scan for malware, viruses and anything that can compromise your network. Remember, even one major cyber incident can seriously imperil your organization.

An automated inventory tool will also let you know if you are out of compliance with licensing or if anyone has installed pirated software on their local machine that can potentially cost your organization millions of dollars in legal fees!

Do not let these issues slip through the cracks. All it could take is one incident and that could be the end!