Employees storing organizational data on personal cloud drives is a serious concern!

If employees are storing company data on services such as Dropbox or Box in their personal accounts there could be big cyber and data security issues in your future. These services are valuable for personal use but not unauthorized professional use.

I have received knowledge of companies where employees are saving sensitive organizational information to their personal cloud storage accounts. Some companies may have thousands of these types of risks floating around in the cloud. Speak to your IT or Cyber Security department if you think this is a risk at your organization. Communicate any risk to management as well.

Employees can become disgruntled and when they leave your organization do you really want them to have access to potentially sensitive organization and customer information?

  • Imagine if a competitor got hold of this information!
  • Imagine if the cloud vendor was hacked and sensitive data fell into the hands of cyber thieves. Your organization could be libel for not properly protecting the data. You could be subject to severe fines!

Be very careful. Create a data policy, if you do not have one in place or add this to your existing data security policy.

The bottom line is storing company data on a personal cloud storage account is bad and must be mitigated before it is too late.