November BC Contest!

Each month we have a new contest. Winners will receive business continuity & critical event management related prized and gift cards. Unscramble each of these business continuity, critical event management, disaster recovery, risk, safety or security words. All entries that unscramble the highest number of words will win a prizeRead More

Digital Transformation from A-Z

Throughout the site we discuss many excellent tools that can empower you to build a world-class technology-driven program. This section provides information on ‘what’s coming next’. Many predictions I made 4 years ago in books, webinars and white-papers have come to fruition. My entire career has been based on makingRead More

Automation – The Secret Sauce

The secret sauce for a world-class program where technology and business continuity/resilience intersect and produce superior value to organizations. In this section of Ultimate Business Continuity we will dig a little deeper and get more comfortable with technology solutions. I will share the tools and technologies that have enabled meRead More