AI for Critical Event Mgmt

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the value Security, Safety, Business Continuity and Critical Event Management can provide. We can react faster and be proactive to critical events. For example tools such as Scylla and Defendry can alert you before a potential active shooter takes a shot. Stabilitas can warn youRead More

Survey Super Tools

Great survey tools will help you create a rich feedback loop and can elevate any business continuity, critical event management, safety, security or operational risk program. You will understand what your user population, likes, dislikes wants, needs and their level of awareness. Great survey tools include a variety of questionRead More

November BC Contest!

Each month we have a new contest. Winners will receive business continuity & critical event management related prized and gift cards. Unscramble each of these business continuity, critical event management, disaster recovery, risk, safety or security words. All entries that unscramble the highest number of words will win a prizeRead More