There may be times that your primary work location is impacted by a disruptive event and you cannot conveniently work-from-home, a sister site, a third-party-vendor or a mobile recovery trailer. In those scenarios, you must be resilient and think outside-the-box.

I have been in those types of situations during my career. In fact, I think disruptive events know where I am and try to get the best of me! On those occasions, we have to reach deep-down and embrace the challenge!

Here are a few tips gleaned from creative alternate recovery sites that saved my ‘butt’. I am sure you have your own innovative strategies ready just in case:

Tip – Starbucks (of course) – Saved me numerous times. On one occasion, I worked from there during a power outage resulting from a hurricane. It was comfortable and no one hassled me. I love their coffee and I even have a gold card! Starbucks rules! P.S. a healthy portion of the posts you are reading were written in Starbucks.

Tip – McDonald’s – I was snowed-in during a major winter storm a few years ago. The snow drifts were 24+ inches in height. My power at home was out BUT there was a McDonald’s approximately half a mile from my house that got power back before anyone else in the neighborhood. So, in snow up to my knees, and higher in spots, I trudged my way to McDonald’s and worked from the comfort of the world’s largest hamburger chain. Thank you, McDonald’s!

Tip – Public library – I used it when I had no connectivity at home. I needed to send a mass notification alert at 7 pm. The second floor of my local library became my temporary command center. Wireless access, printers… thanks Syosset library!

Tip –Dunkin’ Donuts –  Somehow the Long Island Railroad got me to Dunkin’. I got off the Long Island Railroad and was stranded then there for three hours during a raging blizzard. I also had to manage a crisis and do multiple mass notification alerts. Dunkin’ made my evening! Great dinner consisting of coffee, ‘old-fashioned’ AND chocolate cream donuts and more coffee and more coffee! Hey,I am not complaining. If you are going to get stranded, I recommend Dunkin’ Donuts!

Tip – My friend’s den – On another occasion my condo had lost power. A friend a few blocks away saved the day.

Tip – A small sales office of my large company. They graciously set me up in a tiny room the size of a big closet but it was nirvana to me! Everything I needed to continue working. I fortunately had this recovery option documented as part of my planning strategy.

Tip – Hotel business office center (I was not even a registered guest) – The hotel management allowed me to use a desktop and printer. I VPN’ed into my corporate infrastructure and worked like I was in the office AND the hotel staff treated me to coffee and fruit!

Tip – My condo clubhouse – I wrote a couple of posts on Ultimate Business Continuity during a brief power outage. I had done prior testing for this recovery solution – and it paid off! I also found time for a workout on the treadmill!

Think resilience and get it done! Think about interesting places you can use as a recovery location. With a laptop, tablet, smart phone, cellular or wireless connectivity, VPN access… you probably can work from almost anywhere. Throw in a satellite phone and I would venture you could work anywhere on the planet!

Where is the most creative place you have worked from?