Threat Thoughts

Welcome to our world! Every day I get hundreds of threat alerts from situational awareness sources I monitor. They include earthquakes, floods, shootings, fires, power outages, protests… Some sort of threat event occurs every few seconds somewhere in the world. I analyze the threat data for trends and possible impacts toRead More

Recipe for a Successful Risk Assessment

The goal of a risk assessment (RA) is to calculate risk as it relates to threats, probabilities, impacts and vulnerabilities. If you think creatively, the risk assessment can also tip you off to business opportunities and revenue generators! This post provides one framework for developing a risk assessment. There are manyRead More

Recipe for a Successful BIA

The Business Impact Analysis (BIA) will empower you to clearly understand which processes are time-sensitive (critical) to your organization’s ongoing success based on several factors. You will be able to accurately gauge when each process needs to be up-and-running and the impact to your organization if it is not available when the businessRead More