Automation – The Secret Sauce

The secret sauce for a world-class program where technology and business continuity/resilience intersect and produce superior value to organizations. In this section of Ultimate Business Continuity we will dig a little deeper and get more comfortable with technology solutions. I will share the tools and technologies that have enabled meRead More

Test to Become Really Resilience

The Testing Section of Ultimate Business Continuity drives home the importance of exercising all components of your resilience program. An untested plan is a plan that is doomed to fail. Test, Test, Test. Although I favor the term ‘exercise’ when communicating with employees to lower stress and increase learning, I am going to useRead More

Unified Communications UCaaS

The right unified communications tool will empower you to spin up a back-up call center in hours – not days, weeks or months. The right unified communications tool will empower you to build a powerful consolidated employee and/or customer hotline with real-time metrics. Top UCaaS Tools Post Title